Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm no Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, Julia Child...

So my adventures in the kitchen have been somewhat sporadic. I went through a depression for quite a while and hardly COOKED at ALL. It was so frustrating trying to please everyone and get the whiny complaints. Do YOU ever get to the point that you feel like, "WHY BOTHER??" Well, I got to that point several times... and then proceeded NOT to BOTHER! *sigh* I'm NOT saying that's a good thing. And thank goodness for the family, hubby stepped up to the plate. (He's a VERY PATIENT MAN!) Yes, there was still complaints, but they didn't STARVE!!

OK, so it wasn't quite that cut and dried of a situation. It started when I was working 24-7 on my modest dress shop in CA. It took EVERYTHING out of me! It's a common thing for bipolar... However, I DID NOT KNOW that about me back then. HUBBY surely would have held me back if he'd realized how overboard I could go. I'd have probably let him if I was aware, or even restrained myself somewhat... I was frequently staying late for customers, then having to steam gowns and clean before coming home, then working on the images, ads, & books through the nights. Sleeping a few hours before starting it all over again. Most people really have NO IDEA how much of my heart, sweat, and soul I put into that place. Leaving it and moving back to UT was HARD! ...and yet, such a blessing. Later, having the people I sold it to default on the loan we carried for them without warning and WALKING AWAY from it TRULY BROKE my heart! *sniff*

Since moving, hubby and I took turns with dinner, winged it, ordered out, and occasionally worked at it together. Sometimes the boys would even get involved with a little persuasion. A little over a year ago, I practically quit! I was working hard trying to eat healthier and they didn't want what I needed. It became a couple times a week thing instead of the norm. I have to admit, Hubby  has gotten pretty darn good! ;D  Well he got me some Corelle & Pyrex dishes I wanted. (Of course he made the joke if they were for further cluttering the cabinets or for HIM?  ;p  Ha ha ha...) I searched for my long time favorite cookbook. The one that my mom gave me when I moved out. The one that I've tried to replace because it's so unsightly and abused now... but it's out of print.  :`(   The vintage site had it for $35!! ??? I'll stick with my mutilated book, thanks... it still works... just embarrassing. LOL! ;p I loved that book since childhood!!

So one of my New  Year's resolution was to get back on track cooking better for my family. I've done it... for the most part, but occasionally start to slip again. I thought if I had this to report things to, maybe I'd stay on task BETTER... 

My daughter-in-law, who IS AMAZING in the kitchen... made me a book of some of her favorites. I've made a lot of those recipes and they've all been great so far! She typed them out and organized them in a binder and put pictures of her and their 2 adorable kids cooking together in the kitchen. Yeah, that was Christmas 2008! I had made a few of the recipes and FEW times last year... but remember? I was on a mini strike! So I've done even MORE now! YUMMERS!! ;p

Now that I have those AMAZING dishes (yeah... I got some things from Pampered Chef, too... How SPOILED am I??? He must have thought it would be worth it if it got me in the kitchen again...) I am doing a LOT of casseroles! I had pulled out all these old recipe books and there was one I came across that had belonged to hubby's first wife & mother of his first 6 children... she passed away from brain cancer...  :`(   It's Better Homes and Gardens ALL-TIME FAVORITE Casseroles Recipes. So... WHAT'S the DEAL that people don't LOVE casseroles, anymore??? We LOVE them!!

So now you know my FAVORITE books for recipes so far... I also get a LOT online! I will share those sites on the sidebar.  ;D  I guess the ADVENTURE of SHARING begins!! Perhaps I'll even start taking some pictures. Mind you, we do NOT set the table with fine china a crystal goblets... We RARELY even MATCH! If we do, it MUST be a SPECIAL occasion. OH NO!! We are simple folk! =D

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