Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cassoulet Misadventure... STICK to the RECIPE on this one! LOL!!

The other night I did a variation of Easy Cassoulet. (Click on it for the original recipe and image)

The night before I had done stuffed Portabello mushrooms to DIE FOR... That post is COMING SOON!! HOWEVER, I decided to make life a little easier and cook up sausage and mushrooms for both meals. I figured since I was out of ham, I'd just use more sausage. I learned an important lesson about this cassoulet. It has a delicate balance of ingredients and spices and I will not mess with it again... except for adding cheese on top!! LOL!! This time I didn't add cheese on top and I should have!  ;p

I discovered that the beans and ham balance the spices and sausage. As it was, it was WAY too spicy for our liking!! So TONIGHT, I fixed the leftovers. I added the ham, more beans, more mushrooms and a tad more cooking wine. It was MUCH BETTER!! *sigh*  I made a pan of cornbread and we drank apple juice with it. We are not wine drinkers, so it was apple juice!! I have to say, the apple juice truly DOES enhance the flavor of this dish!! YUMMO!! Now, this REALLY is a yummy dish when you make it the way it was intended. So click on over to the original post and try it out right!  ;D

So Wednesday night's misadventure turned into today's success. I learned my lesson on this recipe and I won't assume and play again... I can only promise that on this one though, because I had a RAVING success PLAYING with the stuffed mushrooms recipe!!  ;p
Unedited image... GASP!!

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    Loved the stuff mushroom recipe on ur blog .. looking forward to try it out soon !!!

    - Smita
    ( fun food ideas for picky eaters )